10 Social Media Management Tips for Small or Medium Sized Business Engagement Marketing

Social media plays a huge role in increasing your online exposure if utilized to its full potential. With 1.32 billion daily active users on Facebook alone, your business can’t afford to miss out on the action. First, you need to decide how involved your company wants to be on each platform (we recommend, at the VERY minimum, having a Facebook page). There are many social media management tools on the market designed to post content across multiple channels automatically, track conversations, analyze critical data, and measure campaign results. Increase your social media campaign by using lead generation tools that integrate with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+, which will help turn your leads into actual sales. Understanding the goals and growth potential of your business is the first step in building a great social media presence. Listed below are 10 social media management tips for a small or medium-sized business (SMBs).

  1.    Creep Your Competition

Take time to research your competition. Look up their company online to discover what kind of data you want to consider for your own web presence. What platforms is your competition using? Invest in a social analytics tool that have good social listening ability such as Crimson Hexaagon, Synthesio, Sysomos, or Talkwalker for global brands.  Try Hootsuite, Buffer for Business, VerticleResponse, Zoho Social, or Sprout Social which are more affordable for small or medium sized businesses (SMBs). These tools will pick up hashtags, tweets, and conversations about your company. Most paid tools offer a free trial which allows you to find one that works for your company’s goals and needs.


10 Social Media Management Tips for Small or Medium Sized Business Engagement Marketing

  1.    Get Organized

Keeping on top of your profiles is vital to your social success. Search for social media planning tools to help you organize your posts in advance and develop a strategy of consistency. These tools will help you track analytics across platforms, schedule posts in advance, manage multiple social profiles from one place, and connect with customers. Make sure the tool you use posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to be effective. Most of these planning tools have free versions, with more features available on the paid version. Check out Hootsuite or Buffer to get an idea of how the planning tools work.

  1.    Grow Your Social Network on Multiple Platforms

What are the best platforms to use to increase your social presence and bring in new customers? This isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer; however, we do have suggestions to get you going. Although it may seem redundant to have an account on all the major player’s platforms, each one has its benefits. Facebook is the second largest site people go to for reviews, after Google. In fact, some businesses opt to forego having a website and rely solely on Facebook as their digital presence. (we do not recommend this approach) Instagram is a great business to business tool and is far less cluttered with random information; while LinkedIn is primarily used more for networking on a personal level.

10 Social Media Management Tips for Small or Medium Sized Business Engagement Marketing

  1.    Track Growth and Engagement

By tracking growth and engagement you can find out what kind of content works best for your customers and viewers; that’s why social media analytics are so important. Analytics gather data from conversations and interactions, which is used to better target and engage your audience. Many of the management tools we previously listed will track your analytics to help you identify key influencers. Each of the platforms has their own analytics tools, which helps you track your top performing posts.


10 Social Media Management Tips for Small or Medium Sized Business Engagement Marketing

  1.    Update and Monitor your Social Media Account

Social media is considered an instant communication source. This means your customers want to hear back from you quickly and regularly. Using a social media management app allows you to update and monitor your social media accounts, all at once. You can save time with these apps because they give you access to your customers without having to go in and out of each platform to check analytics and interact with your followers. For example: if you’re having a flash sale on your product. then you can alert customers within a few clicks! You are able to support scheduling and post to several accounts at one time. Try Hootsuite, Sprout Social, SocialOomph, Zoho Social, EveryPost, or Tailwind to manage your social media account.

  1.    Bring Email and Social Media Together

Bringing email and social media together in one campaign increases your followers by bringing traffic back to your website. Through Agorapulse’s media inbox you can view incoming messages across many of your social accounts quickly. VerticleResponse Social brings email and your social media campaign together which allows you to schedule a single update to an entire campaign up to 30 days in advance. This tool was created specifically for small-business owners. Email marketing is a great way to funnel customers from your website to your social platforms.

  1.    Organize Social Media Customer Support

Your customers will thank you for making support requests easy to access through social media. Sprout Social is known for its Unified Messages feed which brings messages, comments, and requests into one easy to use feed. You can monitor, track, and respond to each customer request quickly and professionally. Sprout Social also integrates with UserVoice and ZenDesk if a request can’t be answered in 140 characters.

10 Social Media Management Tips for Small or Medium Sized Business Engagement Marketing

  1.    Set Up a Posting Schedule for your Status Updates

As we said before, creating a posting schedule to publish status updates by using a social media management tool like Hootsuite, can save you loads of time. You choose what days of the week and the times you wish for the updates to be added to your profile. Take the time to go through your analytics to find out what days and times your traffic is at its highest.

  1.    Test Out Multiple Apps

Take time to test out any apps or tools before you purchase, not all tools are designed with your business in mind.  Make sure that the social media tools you choose have the features and advantages that best support your needs and goals. Prices vary greatly as do the features offered.  Some tools and apps are free, some have free trials, and some start at $49.00 a month and run up into the thousands!

  1.     Be Social!

This is by far the most important tactic to managing your social media accounts. Your social media presence is about being SOCIAL and interacting on a human level! Be noticed – be engaging – be sincere. Write and post engaging, helpful, informative, and knowledgeable information. The more people you reach through relatable and engaging content the more likely your information will be shared and seen by potential customers.

Whatever your small to medium-sized business (SMBs) is looking for in Social Media Management we’d love to help get you started. Please contact Engagement Marketing if you are needing Social Media Management support.



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