8 Best Ways to use Social Media to gain Great B2B (Business to Business) Leads

One of the most complex decisions with using social media to gain B2B leads is finding the most effective channels that support your lead generation strategies. Identifying your potential customers is vital in creating a strong B2B lead generation strategy that works best for your product or service.

Keep in mind that a lead generation strategy combines all the key elements for a strong online presence which uses multiple platforms together to create a solid foundation. The best way to maximize social media to gain great B2B leads is to effectively combine your marketing campaign across multiple channels. Here are 8 effective ways to utilize your social media exposure:

  1. Social Media Platforms:

8 Best Ways to use Social Media to gain Great B2B (Business to Business) LeadsDid you know there are over a billion people on social media worldwide? Finding the right social media platforms which increase leads takes time and is a worthwhile investment. It is not productive if you are using a network that is not used by your potential visitors. Do some research to find out what platforms your customers are using; you may not have to use them all. Are you using social media platforms such as: LinkedIn,  FacebookYouTubeTwitter, Instagram, Google Business, Pinterest?

  1. Social Media Content:

Be aware of the kind of content that your viewer is looking for, keep it engaging and informative. Your marketing campaign may use text, images, and/or video. Viewers don’t want to be bogged down with information that isn’t relevant to your products or services. Make sure your content is clear and concise. Give consideration to the ‘social media voice’ you want to project – give it a human sound! People process images 60,000 times faster than words so make sure your images are eye catching and relevant. Try Facebook Live or an Instagram story to switch up your content.

  1. Social Media Listening:

Social Media listening allows you to listen to online conversations between customers and buyers on social media. It scans social media platforms for information and insights into specific brands, competitors, hashtags, and publications. Use social media tools such as Google alertsTalkwalker alerts, or Twitter’s built-in search feature to track keywords and hashtags.

  1. Using Shared Links to Gated Content:

Your main objective with using social media is gaining quality leads which will turn into new paying customers. Viewers to your site will be able to share basic contact information before they are able to view your content.  Using gated content directs a serious customer to your landing page where they fill out a form and become a new lead. A video or webinar can also be presented using gated content by asking a viewer to register before viewing.

  1. Blogging and Videos:

Host a hangout on Google+hangouts, a webinar, or live video. Leads can be generated by adding offers, contests, rewards, or directed to a custom tab on your Facebook page. During the video you can encourage viewers to link to your landing page. Blogs are a great way to share information and can be linked to your website from other social media platforms.

  1. Question and Answer Portals:

Use LinkedIn and Quora portalswhich are designed for interactive communications. Always follow up with people who have shared comments and questions and be honest and sincere in 8 Best Ways to use Social Media to gain Great B2B (Business to Business) Leadsyour responses. Create an open and honest relationship with prospective leads by responding to comments quickly and professionally. Your customers will feel valued and appreciated with a response from your company that targets their questions and concerns quickly.

  1. Contests, Rewards, and Surveys:

People love rewards and contests! The reward must be specific to your audience and targeted to your services. Most contests can only be entered after completing a contact information form which creates future leads. Use social media platforms to post a research study or survey. Ask viewers pertinent questions regarding the products or services you provide. Collect contact information before they can submit entries into a prize draw. This questionnaire can be used for future reference. Try using a Facebook Lead Ad, which collects users contact information directly in your ad account. Contact us for more information about social media ads.

  1. Join Message Boards and Forums:

Message boards, forums, and groups are a great way to hear what customers have to say. Be part of the connection to converse with customers, buyers, and other social traffic on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

8 Best Ways to use Social Media to gain Great B2B (Business to Business) Leads

Social Media lead generation is cost-effective, has a high lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, and higher conversion rates than the average lead conversions. If you are considering using social media as a lead generation tool for your company please contact Engagement Marketing today, we’d love to assist you.


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