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Our B2B Fractional CMO Services provide the help you need to accelerate your business growth

For B2B Founders & Executives

In today’s competitive B2B software & SaaS business landscape, having a results-driven marketing strategy is critical for sustainable growth. Yet, depending on the stage of your company, only some of you have the budget or need for a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

That’s where our B2B Fractional CMO services come in.

We offer you the opportunity to tap into top-level marketing expertise part-time with our experienced B2B Fractional CMO, Shannon Clement. She has been working as a senior marketer for over 15 years and a B2B Fractional CMO for over 7 years for Engagement Marketing.

Keep reading to find out more about what a B2B Fractional CMO is, how Shannon works with Startups & Scaleups, what’s included with her Fractional CMO services, her experience, and how her approach can help your business scale faster.


Shannon Clement – Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Shannon Clement’s skills as a Fractional CMO  were exactly what we needed to oversee the positioning and marketing of our platform.

Stephen Newport

Partner, Korio

What is a B2B Fractional CMO?

Are you a B2B business leader seeking professional marketing expertise without the commitment and expense of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A B2B Fractional CMO, also called an outsourced or part-time CMO, is a marketing executive who who typically works with multiple clients on a contract basis to provide strategic marketing guidance. The time commitment may vary but the value of this resource is to develop your marketing plan with key performance indicators (KPIs) and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for your team and hold your team accountable each week, month and quarter to achieve your marketing goals. Our flexible arrangement allows you to access top-level marketing talent at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.


Fractional CMO for Startups

Scale Faster

Startups often face resource constraints and need to make every marketing dollar count. Our Fractional CMO services are designed to cater to the unique needs of Software & SaaS Startups. We understand the challenges faced by early-stage companies that are building their marketing teams with the help of outside investment.

Buy Back Your Time

At this stage you, as the founder, may be doing the marketing yourself or providing direction to a junior person. The problem is that you have a company to run and your time is valuable! To appeal to future investors and drive business growth it’s time to outsource the leadership and development of your marketing team to someone who has the experience to create a plan and hold the team accountable.

Implement SOPs

Shannon provides value to B2B startup founders by taking her repeatable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) and tailoring these systems to get results faster.


What’s Included with Our Fractional CMO Services

When you use Engagement Marketing’s Fractional CMO services, you gain access to a comprehensive range of marketing expertise.


Our Fractional CMO Service can help with these challenges in the following ways.


Overseeing a mix of internal and external marketing & communications resources


Understanding where the gaps are on your team that are holding you back


Developing a results-driven comprehensive marketing plan in collaboration with key stakeholders with your team's buy in


Directing Market Research to understand your where you fit in your market category


Setting up Standard Operating Procedures for repeatable wins


Reviewing your KPIs regularly and providing direction to your team

Our B2B Fractional CMO’s Experience


When you use Engagement Marketing’s Fractional CMO services, you gain access to a comprehensive range of marketing expertise.

Our outsourced CMO, Shannon Clement, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise gained from working with a diverse range of B2B tech & software companies. She has a proven track record of driving growth and delivering measurable results with a repeatable framework tailored to your business.

While not an expert in every marketing tactic, Shannon uses her leadership expertise and understanding of client’s business needs to provide strategic direction to C-Suite leaders, vendors and marketers and communication professionals.

Her strengths are in marketing strategy development, competitive analysis, campaign planning strategy, and performance measurement. She has a large network of market research specialists, PR consultants, campaign specialists and agencies that she can call on to bring in additional expertise when needed.


Types of Fractional CMO Services

Engaged CMO

(Minimum 3 months/ 10 hrs/week)

Shannon works as an outsourced CMO white labeled as part of your company to develop your marketing strategy working closely with your team.

Advisor CMO

(Minimum 3 months/8 hours per month)

Can be used after an Engaged CMO contract to Oversee the output of your marketing resources after your marketing strategy is in the implementation phase.

Marketing Strategy Workshop

(4 hr session/2 week prep)

Develop a Marketing Framework & Milestones to build a plan for investors and stakeholders for pitching growth opportunities.

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