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What is a B2B Tech Marketing Agency?

A B2B Tech Marketing Agency, includes a  team of marketing professionals with skills and experience specific to INCREASE marketing and sales qualified leads (MQLs & SQLs), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and customer retention of our client’s customers. We partner with B2B technology brands to achieve their business goals with a marketing strategy and tactics based on performance. Be it Digital Transformation, Electronics, Robotics, Automation, Managed IT Services, CleanTech, and every other form of ‘Tech’; we have the experience and expertise in all the right places to help you scale.

We work, in collaboration with our clients, as an outsourced resource to build a strategy and set you up for future funding opportunities, partnerships and growth in your business.


“I have been working with Engagement Marketing for years with multiple projects. Their vast knowledge for digital marketing and effective content has always exceeded expectations.”

Frank Spiller

Marketing Manager, Mid-Range (Managed IT Services)


Technology Marketing Agency Team Structure

The structure of your marketing team will change as your business grows. At first you need a leader that has experience in your industry who knows what foundational work needs to be done. Then you need a mixture of people to execute and get your marketing done to drive awareness and leads into your pipeline.
We see the most value for our services when our clients are ready to define their brand positioning and story and then build a process that generates ongoing marketing leads and sales for their business.

Work with our Outsourced Technology Marketing Team in a variety of ways depending on your business needs:

  1. Work with our Fractional CMO to develop your strategy, do market research, get insight on specific parts of your marketing or work with you on developing a solution for a particular business need.
  2. Outsource ongoing activities you don’t have time to do like Website Management, Reporting, SEO, PPC, Email and Social Media.
  3. Get one time projects taken care of like your website, content creation, Google Analytics Custom Reports, videos, animations and other materials you may need.


More B2B Technology Marketing Agency Solutions

For Your Business

Marketing Training for Technology Companies

Working as a subject matter expert in different specialties, our CMO develops custom marketing training for new hires based on your set-up and business needs. From organizing your team structure to goal setting and performance tracking, we help organize your marketing priorities to help you scale faster.

 Consulting Blocks of Hours

Purchase blocks of consulting hours to solve specific marketing challenges like developing your content strategy, marketing plan, or how to book more demos, get more leads in your funnel or take a deeper dive into why your marketing isn’t providing the results you’re looking for.


Brand Positioning & Storytelling Workshops

The Brand Strategy Workshop for Startups and Emerging Companies helps early stage CEOs identify new opportunities in the marketplace, recalibrate their focus in raising venture capital and concentrate on creating bigger futures for their brand in a creative, collaborative and interactive setting.

Technology Marketing Services in Ottawa


Search Engine Optimization

SEO for tech companies can be more fast-paced than other industries. As technology changes, new acronyms and questions pop-up, and the keywords your target audience was looking for yesterday could be different today. We work with your subject matter experts, keep on top of industry trends and work with customer support to answer the questions that provide value to your community. Our  different types of SEO-optimized content appeal to your target customers at every stage of their journey.

Note: As your industry changes so does the practice of SEO. We stay on top of all the latest updates and use effective tools to maximize your content marketing.


Pay Per Click Ads

Whether you do business globally or locally, our paid search ads aim to drive more leads and sales or recruit the talent you need.

We use both Google Search and Display Ads, on Google, YouTube and their Display Network, to drive awareness and engage prospects to book a demo or schedule a consultation. If you are looking to attract local customers we integrate with Google My Business to provide you with the best local paid marketing results.


Social Media Advertising

Connect with your audience, reduce your cost per acquisition, convert more leads and review results that are connected to your end goal of acquiring leads or talent for your organization.

We develop and manage social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to get you the reach and engagement needed to grow your technology company.


Email Marketing

Keep your B2B prospects engaged and informed with our email strategy that is personalized and researched. You’ll always understand your marketing ROI from every campaign with our insight reports that help you make informed decisions on what type of messaging is working or getting ignored.

On the retention side, you want email content that provides value to your customers, otherwise they’re not going to opt-in or read your emails.

Get access to both lead generation and retention campaigns when you work with us.


Blog & Website Copy Writing

You’re the subject matter expert. We’re the writers. Engagement Marketing has a content marketing team comprised of writers with different areas of expertise. We write about the problems you solve, how your platform or technology works and the value of your product or service to your customers.  Working directly with internal and external stakeholders including your customer support, technical leads and whoever else is on the front end of your business; we get the detail needed to attract your target market.

Our writers develop and edit whitepapers, ebooks, short and long form blog posts, social media content and ad copy.

Let us handle the words so you can focus on the tech.


Digital Strategy

As mentioned above, we provide a fractional CMO service to develop your strategy while working as a part of your team.

Find out more about our CMO and her experience working with tech companies here.

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