Looking for new ways to improve your local search engine optimization efforts? Have you considered improving your video SEO with YouTube? By creating a video, slideshow, or screencast, you can increase your links and ranking potential, while increasing traffic to your website. By creating a YouTube channel, the videos you post will be tagged and […]

8 Best Ways to use Social Media to gain Great B2B (Business to Business) Leads

One of the most complex decisions with using social media to gain B2B leads is finding the most effective channels that support your lead generation strategies. Identifying your potential customers is vital in creating a strong B2B lead generation strategy that works best for your product or service. Keep in mind that a lead generation strategy […]

 How to Structure the Content on Your Website to Gain Leads

The importance of a well-developed website with a strong design is paramount towards generating and securing more leads. The goal of using well planned structured content and layout is to draw an optimal audience to your virtual storefront. To be successful at gaining more leads, and converting them into paying customers, you must understand your audience […]

How to optimize a landing page on your website: ‘LPO’

Why optimize a landing page on your website? The purpose of landing page optimization is to increase the effectiveness of converting site visitors into direct sales and generate leads. If you want to generate more leads and sales keep reading.   Landing pages can be used for a variety of marketing strategies, including: running contests […]

When developing your video SEO strategy targeted to a certain location, the steps for optimizing video content are similar to those for written content and images.   With any content strategy your main focus should always be to create content that is:   Good quality   Engaging   Relevant to your target audience    Think […]