Engagement Marketing


Highstreet.io creates fully customized, compatible and supported APIs, plug-ins and product feeds for retailers to get items found where it matters. Highstreet.io’s robust SaaS platform combined with our leading-edge managed services provides customers with a seamless way to manage and optimize their product data. They have an international presence and specialize in working with global brands and retailers.

Highstreet.io case study Engagement Marketing
Highstreet.io case study Engagement Marketing


Highstreet.io was looking to create a brand presence that stood out and attracted their target audience of potential clients and partners. Generating ongoing branding exposure, leads and sales from the website was a priority. Ongoing content creation was also a challenge to increase their presence in search engines and newsletters.


Work with Highstreet.io as an embedded part of their team. We created a digital strategy that focused on communicating the strengths of Highstreet.io’s platform and customer service to differentiate them from their competition. The website, powerpoint, brochures, blog posts, social media and newsletter content were all crafted on the premise that Highstreet.io is a thought leader and innovator in the product technology space.


Since we started working with Highstreet.io 3 years ago, they have gained a robust online presence that has helped to build their online reputation, increase their traffic/leads and gain credibility with existing and potential clients.


overall traffic increase


increase in website leads


increase in sales


“One thing that’s difficult about using outside vendors is getting them up to speed on how our company works and the technicalities of what we do. Shannon picked up on this quickly and effectively. She understood our business well and used her social media, web usability, email marketing and content marketing skills to communicate our value proposition effectively with our audience.”

– Highstreet.io