4 Ways to Use Podcasts to Improve Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Today, podcasting has become a mainstream source for delivering website information and advertisements. Its popularity is growing exponentially making podcasting a valuable tool for improving your online SEO. Read more to discover how podcasts can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Believe it not, podcasts have been around since 2004! Apple designed podcasts as a type of digital radio specifically used to download audio files onto iPods and MP3 players.

Search Engine Optimizing is about creating content that makes searching for information easier for the user to access and podcasts are a great way to add fresh content to your site and attract more trusted links. Some search engines you should consider using for your podcasts are: Google, Bing/Yahoo!, iTunes, and YouTube. 


1.)  What should you include in your podcasts to improve your SEO?

You can grow your podcast audience by using relevant keywords specific to your site, therefore, optimizing content for search engines.

  • Spend time creating the best title possible. Search engines will prioritize this title. Did you know that titles are used in social-network shares?
  • Imagine what your potential subscriber would enter into a search engine and utilize this information.
  • Utilize ‘front-loading content’. This refers to putting the most important information at the beginning of your title and content. Engage your audience!
  • Add digital images to add relevant visual appeal and break up blocks of print.
  • Keep podcasts short and simple. The more direct you are the more likely you are to keep the subscriber engaged.


2.)  Why is it important to add Podcasts to improve your SEO?

  • Bottom line – It brings in new listeners, which could turn into new customers!
  • Podcasts are an under-rated and an underestimated medium; they can build your traffic and create a refreshing platform.
  • They also drive your link-building efforts and Google will send traffic to your site if your content attracts those links.
  • Podcasts give free information as well as marketing and advertising opportunities.
  • They are a worthwhile platform to increase subscribers and loyal listeners
  • Podcasting builds great links, utilizes backlinks, and increases search engine ranking.


3.)  How can Search Engine Optimization really help your podcasts?

  • The KEY is in your title! For example, the ranking algorithm of iTunes and Google play both use keywords from your title to find your podcast easily.
  • SEO helps grow your audience by utilizing keyword searches as well as through specific content.
  •  Have a good RSS that is compatible for your specific needs. This RSS feed is what your audience is subscribing to and provides all your podcast information to other podcast platforms.
  • Social signals to search engines are shared every time one of your podcasts is shared on social media.
  • Add a transcription of your podcast; this gives you a ranking in SEO.


4.)  What are the Pitfalls of using SEO practices in podcasting?

  • Not checking your website speed! People today prefer web pages that load quickly. If your speed is slow you will lose potential subscribers. You can check your speed with GTmetrix or Pingdom.
  • By adding too many sidebar widgets. People have become overwhelmed with too many visuals, so use smaller images or condense them.
  • You run the risk of confusing your audience by using too many ‘filler’ words, excessive wording, or redundant wording in your title or content. Make sure you use terms that the average person will understand. Not everyone is an expert in your industry. 


Podcasting offers endless potential for drawing new customers to your site. You will continue to benefit from SEO generation after you have published and optimized your podcast since there is no expiration date! Podcasting is an affordable alternative towards enhanced marketing, which in turn increases your SEO.

If you have questions or want to learn how to implement Podcasting into your marketing plan, contact the experts at Engagement Marketing.


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