How to optimize a landing page on your website: ‘LPO’

Why optimize a landing page on your website? The purpose of landing page optimization is to increase the effectiveness of converting site visitors into direct sales and generate leads. If you want to generate more leads and sales keep reading.


Landing pages can be used for a variety of marketing strategies, including:

  • running contests on your website
  • creating a list from a sign-up form
  • communicate specific information about your products or services


Your landing page could be linked to an ad on social media or Google Adwords or even hyperlinked from a different page of your own website. (Hyperlinking is text or an image that this highlighted to lead to new website or webpage within your site, aka the landing page).


Landing Page Optimization Tips

Here are some tips on how to utilize your landing page conversion rate and your search engine optimization by using keywords that will be entered in your audience’s search query.

Add Engaging Images and Video

Since landing pages are linked to email campaigns, social media, search engine marketing, and advertisements, strategic placement and optimization of images and videos on your landing page can be an important success factor to your overall marketing campaign.

Considering how competitive online marketing is, you must create a landing page that makes a great first impression and keeps your viewers engaged!

The content of your images, animation, and videos on landing pages can explain the 3 who,  how and why quickly and easily.

  • Who am I?
  • How can I add value to you or your business?
  • Why should you care?
  • What should you do after seeing this?

By answering these questions with eye-catching imagery or video you are bringing them closer to buying your product/service or at least making an enquiry for more information.


(Image Source: Lead Pages)


Less is More When it Comes to Layout

Your landing page format and layout must be clear and have visual appeal to capture your visitor’s attention quickly. Most people can gauge whether they want to read more within 2 seconds!

  • All your content must be concise and carry direct information explaining the value of the services your organization supplies. Pay special attention to the title you give your page, it must match the viewer’s search, keeping it informative and specific.
  • Make navigation user-friendly by locating buttons above page folds and use large icons and arrows in bold colours.
  • Your landing page must be set up clearly to help guide the users towards the appropriate actions necessary to complete a lead or sale. Keep your page direct and not bogged down with lengthy forms and data.


(Image Source: Lead Pages)


Check Your Links and Loading Speed

Have you ever heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”?

  • Ensure accuracy once you have completed your landing page by accessing it from different platforms to see if the page appears altered in different browsers. You will also want to check that is it responsive to smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Be aware of the loading time your page takes, this can be checked by using Google Page speed insights or Kingdom speed test tool.
  • Minimize social media sharing buttons from your page as these are distracting and often annoying to serious viewers; they can also lead your potential customers away from completing any actions you want them to take on your landing page.
  • Check for video and flash distractions and difficulties in navigating them.
  • Auto-populate form fields on your landing page wherever possible to save your viewers time.
  • Design your most important information to stand out from the rest of your text; this will give your landing page visual appeal.


(Image Source: Neil Patel)


Give Yourself Some Credit

Another key component of a landing page is creating a link to testimonials, case studies, and privacy policies on your website; these add credibility and sincerity to your website.

  • Review your landing page often, keeping it relevant and targeted towards your markets development and growth.
  • Most times simpler is better; keep information compact and concise when it comes to communicating your credibility.


(Image Source: Lead Pages)

Test different versions of your page

For maximum results from your landing page choose a few different layouts and specific things you want to test on the page.

Some items you may want to test are:

  • Placement, wording or colour  of your call to action button
  • Variations of text explaining your product’s features and benefits
  • The amount contact form fields within your landing page and where it’s placed on the page


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“Landing pages are used to enhance other marketing strategies, not replace them.”


Find Out More

When landing pages are designed using the right perspective and content, dramatic results will be achieved. Not sure where to start? Contact Engagement Marketing and we’d be happy to get you going!


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