Offer our Unique Brand Education Experience to your Startup Conference Participants.

The Startup Brand Education Un-Conference


In collaboration with Branding Strategy Insider and The Blake Project, we offer marketing’s only problem-solving event for Startups. In this competitive learning environment participants leave with actionable tools and techniques to build stronger brands.

Learn. Compete. Grow.

Startup Brand Strategy Workshop Overview

For: Startup Founders & Marketers

Purpose: Educate Startup brands to compete better in a world of fast-moving change.

  • 1 day collaborative and educational event
  • Help both funded and boot-strapping businesses develop their critical thinking skills to solve the challenges of brands today
  • Come away with tools and techniques to build a strong and competitive brand
  • This learning and development approach can be used internally as a framework to solve other business challenges

The time is NOW to emotionally charge your competitive future.


How the Startup Un-Conference Works


How do you attract a motivated, high achieving group of attendees that, given an incredible experience, will be your brand ambassadors?

Kick your event off with a pre-conference, intimate and interactive workshop offering a unique challenge and networking opportunity for brands looking to be at the top of their game.

Working as your conference partner, we offer added value to your participants.

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

The Startup Un-Conference Experience


Partnering with established conferences, we offer a pre-conference kickoff day of collaborative brand strategy learning and networking for an exclusive group of 50 participants.



When your attendees know they’re going to connect with ambitious and like-minded people that want to make their brands better, they bring a different energy to your conference.



Leverage our reach of over 60k email subscribers and 20k social media followers to get your conference on the radar of marketing professionals around the globe.



The Startup Un-Conference unleashes the fire within our group of conference attendees who’s engagement with our experience is bound to spread and excite the rest of your participants.



Unique experiences attract participants that are eager to share what they’ve learned. Elevate and enhance your current even offering without the expense of organizing it.



Our previous participants of the Un-Conference retain more of what they’ve learned because they’re problem solving with others in the moment.



When participants have a unique experience worthy of sharing they want to spread the word. The buzz from our Un-Conference kickoff day sets the tone for the remaining days of your event.

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