What are Google Remarketing Ads and When Should You Use Them?

How do you bring customers back to your website who left without purchasing or utilizing your services? The most powerful targeting method of regaining past visitors is through a re-marketing campaign. In its simplest form re-marketing is a piece of code that is attached to your website that places a “cookie” with your visitor’s device. Your ads will then be shown to that visitor on subsequent websites they visit that have advertising from Google Display Ads.

What are Google Remarketing Ads and When Should You Use Them?

Re-marketing strategies help you to promote your brand, boost sales, increase registrations, and dramatically improve your ROI and conversion rates.

The largest re-marketing ad platform is Google Ads. This tool can be used to mark your site visitors, monitor their behaviour, and show relevant ads on their different devices as they visit other sites.

Re-marketing is a useful avenue in bringing potential customers back to your website, by placing an ad in front of them and even offering a promotion to return to your site

When Should You Use Re-marketing Strategies?

What are Google Remarketing Ads and When Should You Use Them?

  1. When you want to increase exposure from your remarketing lists as viewers browse other websites and mobile applications.
  2. When you want to create professional looking layouts and photo advertising of your products and services.
  3. When you want to re-engage previous visitors by having them view highly targeted ads either by browsing the web or watching YouTube videos.

We recommended that when you first set-up your re-marketing campaign you should target every viewer that accessed specific pages on your website depending on your goals. After the initial set-up of your re-targeting strategy, we narrow down your viewers by targeting specific customers that are interested in your products and services. Once you customize you re-marketing list you will decrease your cost-per-click.

Your re-marketing ads can differ depending on what a viewer has engaged with on your site. For example, if you sell shoes and a viewer was specifically looking at sandals before they left your site, you can re-market sandals only to that specific customer.

Generally, Google re-marketing ads are a cost-effective campaign. Combine contextual targeting, conversion filtering, and frequency capping to create a highly targeted campaign.

If re-marketing is a strategy you are considering for your business, please contact Engagement Marketing for assistance.


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